Max Clarity Max Clarity is an acne treatment product that claims to be the best product for treatment of acne and comes in the form of foam.

It just needs to be massage don the face and needs to be use twice a day for ideal results. The product has been manufactured by Glaxo Smith Kline and 2 out of 3 users reported some improvements in acne by using this product.


The product does not mention a complete list of ingredients which makes it doubtful to use it for treating the cane. Besides, the ingredients it mentions like Benzoyl Peroxide is very common for any acne treatment and therefore, it contains nothing unique which would let it achieve excellent results.

How does it work?

The manufacturers have mentioned many claims about their product but nothing has been mentioned about the functioning and working of the product. It is extremely doubtful as how it achieves any improvement in reduction of pimples or inflammations. It does not contain any ingredient that would fight with bacteria and at bets it may be termed as a skin care product and not acne treatment product.


  • The product comes with a free trial offer which excites many users.
  • It also has a cash back offer which users can claim for a refund.


  • It does not contain a list of ingredients
  • No mention about the functioning of the product has been made by the manufacturers.
  • It is not clinically proven or scientifically approved.
  • The free trial given by the manufacturers has a number of loopholes and cannot be used conveniently.
  • The product fails to do any good in reducing the inflammations or redness of the skin.
  • It has got very poor user ratings and all reviews have shown dissatisfaction with this product.


The product is not suitable for use as an effective acne treatment product and is just a waste of money. Though, manufacturers claim to provide free trial and money refund but it has number of loophole sand you cannot use it easily. It is not clinically proven and it’s better to search for another acne treatment product that would work really well for treating your acne.